stARTup is a mentoring program for early career artists giving them a platform to hone their craft, gain exposure and a space to work, exhibit and perform.

As a part of this project, ABTP is currently in collaboration with artist Synnamon Brown (work pictured below) to help her realize a project she created titled, “Butterfly Effects: A Journey Through Convalescent Lines,” which involves creating portraits of various people following an in-depth interview between Synnamon and each participant.

From Synnamon about the project: “Emotional intelligence is achieved by recognizing that each individual has an unique way of processing emotions. The human experience is characterized by communication and relationships with others. That experience is amplified once one makes the conscious decision to explore the various dimensions of perception.”

Keep an eye out for more updates about Synnamon and stARTup on the horizon!

Synnamon Brown, Convalescent Communications





Part funeral, part cleaning day, part candlelit dinner for one, Housewarming tests the bounds of what and whom we consider home.

Two performances on Saturday, July 21st, 2018!



2nd Best Dance Company

Will Noling
Courtney Barth
Taylor Boyland
Mitch Christie



Housewarming from Arts by the People





Housewarming July 2018