Staff & Interns


David Crews – Assistant Editor of Platform Review; Creative Writing Instructor, Moving Words

Gabriela Aguilar – Public Relations

Beth Lowell – Grant Writing

David Olimpio – Website; Production Coordinator, Moving Words

Yael Ozsinay – Animation Production, Moving Words

Sydney Prusso – Graphic Design

Carly Susser – Editor-in-chief of Platform Review

Allison Estremera – Special Projects Coordinator

Current Interns:

Jennifer Sanchez attends Montclair State University, where she studies Dance. She will be working with ABTP on the Stories in Motion workshop to create movement with our senior citizens based on their original poems.

Past Interns:

Allison Estremera
Alyssa Tiren
Alexa Young
Melissa Efrus
Brigette Palombo
Juaquadah Cox
Sydney Prusso
Victoria Abut
Corrie Mathias
Brittany Lyons
Alicia Graziano
Kevin Fischer
Aaron Sartorio
Nina Rangel
Melanie Calantropio
Bridget Hovell
Marley Crank
Corrie Mathias
Akilah Richardson
Amy Benedict
Alyssa Reed
Allie Lott
Sylvie Harris
Gabi Bisconti
Lizzy Synalovski
Kim Smith
Kristen Tynan
Emily Curran
Aaron Velasquez
Meghan Tynan
Dana DeBarros