Moving Words

They’ll Say The Blue Whale’s Tongue Weighed As Much As An Elephant Writer: Darla Himeles Animator: Ron Levin

My Words ToThe World Writer: E. Anne Lipman Anmator: Mirjam Zels

Samantha Writer: Maria Lorenz Animator: Rotem Paz

An International Collaborative Project Between Writers, Art Animators and Voice Actors.

Moving Words is an ARTS By The People project. Made possible by a generous grant from The Santiago Abut Foundation, in loving memory of Santi Abut.

ARTS By The People and The Santiago Abut Foundation have joined forces to create Moving Words, a project that will make possible transnational collaboration amongst artists of prose, poetry, voice acting and animation. Moving Words will intersect voices of all ages through twelve writers of various groups whose submitted works will transform into short films by students at the Shenkar School of Engineering and Design. These writers, under the guidance of ARTS By The People’s writing scholar, will have their works voice acted by students at Drew University, and subsequently animated by college students in Israel. Our goal is to empower and inspire writers of all ages to tap into their inner creativity and think in terms of visual imagery as well as written word.


Would you want your written works transformed into a short, three-minute film? Look no further! Moving Words project is a unique, transnational collaboration amongst artists of prose, poetry, voice acting, and animation. ARTS By The People hopes to empower and inspire writers of all ages through this unique opportunity. Moving Words will intersect the individual voices of American writers with the creative vision of animators in Israel. We are looking for writers to contribute to this wonderful project!

Participants may submit writing of any form, be it poetry or prose. A select few writers will be chosen based on originality and creativity by a panel of judges. Upon acceptance, writers will be asked to attend two meetings held on evening weekdays in the month of September to workshop their pieces. Skype is also an option. Once these works are completed, they will be voice acted and recorded by Drew University’s theater students. Both the audio and written pieces will then be sent to Israel where art animation students will subsequently use the written and oral pieces to complete a short film combining all three art forms.

For eligibility, each piece should comfortably read under two minutes in length. Keep in mind, it should pay close attention to the musicality of language since the finished project will be produced with an oral component.

Submissions are currently closed. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook to be notified when they will re-open.

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