Moving Words

They’ll Say The Blue Whale’s Tongue Weighed As Much As An Elephant Writer: Darla Himeles Animator: Ron Levin

My Words ToThe World Writer: E. Anne Lipman Anmator: Mirjam Zels

Samantha Writer: Maria Lorenz Animator: Rotem Paz

An International Collaborative Project Between Writers, Art Animators and Voice Actors.

Moving Words is an ARTS By The People project made possible by a generous grant from The Santiago Abut Foundation, in loving memory of Santi Abut.

Moving Words is a annual project that makes possible transnational collaboration amongst artists of prose, poetry, voice acting, and animation. Moving Words will intersect voices of all ages through writers whose submitted works will be transformed into short films by animation students at various international animation schools. These writers, under the guidance of ARTS By The People’s writing scholar, will have their works voice acted and subsequently animated by college students. Our goal is to empower and inspire writers of all ages to tap into their inner creativity and think in terms of visual imagery as well as written word.

This project is fully funded by The Santiago Abut Foundation, which is a private foundation that one of our board members started in memory of his 13 year old son (Santi), who passed away 10 years ago. Santi dreamed of becoming a professional actor, and he loved films and the arts, which makes ARTS By The People the perfect partner for The Santiago Abut Foundation to honor his memory, and Moving Words (which fosters international collaboration by artists of various mediums) the ideal project for this foundation to sponsor.
Here’s a partial list of festivals and events that Moving Words films have appeared in:
  • The Animix International Festival, Tel Aviv
  • Flippin, Moving Words, Nominated for Best Animation Project
  • Epos Art Film Festival
  • Animax International Film Festival, Catalonia, Spain
  • New York Film Critics Series
  • CreateArts, Brooklyn, NY

Check out all the Moving Words 2017 Videos!



August 10 (Opening Festival!!) TICKETS
Tel Aviv
Time TBD
Animix – The 18th Israel International Animation, Comics & Caricature Festival
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September 9 | FREE
New York, NY
Session 3 (REGISTER): 3:00 pm (75 min)
Session 5 (REGISTER): 6:45 pm (75 mins)
NYC 2 Paris International Festival
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September 20-21 | FREE
Paris, France
Time: TBD
NYC 2 Paris International Festival
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September 23 | FREE
Morristown, NJ
3:00 pm (120 min)
MPAC Starlight Lounge Film Screening
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October 14 | FREE
New Brunswick, NJ (Rutgers University)
5:00pm (60 mins), Voorhees Hall #105
New Jersey Film Festival, Fall 2018
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November 11
Brooklyn, NY
Time: TBD
Imagine This Women’s International Film Festival
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