The Role of Literary Journals by Erin Jones (11/30/2018) - It wasn’t until my first year of graduate school that I became familiar with literary journals. I had entered the MFA program at Emerson […]
Poetry in Motion by Maxine Steinman (11/2/2018) -   I was first introduced to Paul Rabinowitz and ARTS By The People some years ago, when Paul approached myself and the Montclair State […]
Might As Well Jump by Lynne McEniry (9/30/2018) - I’ve been writing poems for most of my life, but it took me until I was in my 40s, after a long and steady […]
The Importance of Dance by Alyssa Tiren (8/24/2018) -   Dance isn’t for everyone, or so you think! The arts, specifically dance, are an aspect typically neglected in many settings, such as public […]
Why I Like To Write- By Helen Krebs (7/26/2018) - Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Helen Krebs and I recently moved to a senior housing community in Whippany, NJ. My days […]
Moved By Words By Emma Barakat (6/24/2018) - I first heard about Moving Words from my roommate in college, who asked if I wanted to make some extra money doing some voiceover. […]
The Joy of Movement by Jenny Campbell (5/31/2018) - Movement has always fascinated me. Not only for its aesthetic qualities, but most importantly for its unique ability to unite communities, create smiling faces […]
Poetry and Animation – New Horizons with New Media by Yael Ozsinay (4/23/2018) - It’s really hard to get people interested in poetry. At least, that’s what I used to think. A few years ago, when the political […]
Morristown High School Playing with Form in Writing at Morristown High School (4/19/2018) - This past week, thanks to Arts By the People and Morristown High School, I led two creative writing classes in a workshop where we […]
Moving Words Keeps Moving by Shane Wagner (3/26/2018) -   Moving Words is an international projects that brings together writers, voice actors and animators to create short films. The project made possible by […]
The Floral Arts Program: A View from the Rooftop by Megan Fainsinger (2/28/2018) -   The rooftop garden is comprised of four worn and neglected raised beds. The view from the fifth floor of the 19th century respite […]
A True Artist by Allison Estremera (1/26/2018) - Before I start my post proper, I am very excited to be kicking off the ABTP blog. It’s an honor to be a part […]
Moving Words 2018 Recording Session Moving Words 2018 Recording Session (12/31/2017) - On a cold morning in December, some folks got together in a basement in Northern New Jersey and recorded some audio for the upcoming Moving Words 2018 animations.